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Harvester Maisernte im Schlamm Dumper farm Tractor action MudDoes not give gas to the vehicle stuck in mud
Such an approach will cause the vehicle's wheels to become more stuck in the mud and make it more difficult to get out. One of the most troublesome problems of vehicle drivers, the vehicle needs to be careful to avoid getting stuck in the mud. If you encounter a situation where the car is stuck in the mud, loading the gas completely will cause your car to get stuck in the mud more.

Try Forward, Reverse Gear
One of the things that should not be done in vehicles that have sunk into the mud is to give gas. It is an extremely difficult process to remove the vehicle from the mud by giving gas alone. Depending on your vehicle's rate of getting stuck in the mud, you can try to pull it out without giving too much unnecessary gas in the same direction as the forward and reverse gear. If you do not get a result in this way, you should definitely give up this method by not insisting. Otherwise, you will cause your vehicle to get stuck in even more mud, making it difficult to remove it with other methods.

Try Using Timber Boards
Despite the frequent situation of the car stuck in the mud, you can try to get your car out of the way by placing two planks under the tires stuck in the mud. However, if you do not get any results with this method, a second vehicle or tow truck is definitely needed.

Towing Assistance from Nearby Vehicles
You can get help from a second car that will pull you out of the mud stuck in your vehicle with a rope that you will tie to the hammer section of your vehicle. The fact that the second vehicle is definitely bigger or stronger than yours is the most important point for the vehicle to get out of the mud with this method.

Summon Tow
If you are unsuccessful in the attempt with a second vehicle, you should finally call the tow truck. Equipped with highly technical materials, towing vehicles can easily pull your vehicle out of the mud it's stuck in. Those who do not want to deal with the first two methods or waste time can benefit from the help of the tow truck when their vehicle is stuck in the mud.
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