Great inventions made for chickens and poultry. Technology power.


Great inventions made for chickens and poultry. Technology power.How scary to look at. In their short life, instead of the sun, they saw only the light of electric lamps. And they are alive, though not for long.

What beautiful birds on the run!
And how many of them!
And they poured the little ones out of the boxes and live as you like .... And the farmers warm them under the lamps, give them to the hens .... Yes! What a bird life!

Great inventions made for chickens? Or maybe for a person so that he can get more profit? Chickens would be happy to graze in the meadow, and not in the chicken conveyor.

This is why I. raise my own birds, they can run the yard and enjoy them selfs and I know what's in my eggs and where they came from.

The amount of food in the world is incredible, but it is also incredible that there are people dying of hunger in the world. There is no merit for the large transnationals. I am ashamed of them.

Yes, everything is fine, technology is of the highest standard, but my hens with a cockerel walk in the open and they feel good and I feel good, and when I see birds in cages, I involuntarily draw an analogy with people, it will probably be like this soon

Awesome ! The technology, the speed, the low cost of mechanics. What if poor chicks that grow up without their mother/. Poor moms who don't take care of their chicks/. How I invent, the machinery is AMAZING!

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