GIRLS POWER | Mowing seconds CUTS


Hi nice video with the girlfriend and the son we saw a little head in the claas nice shot with the good weather good luck

Cool... it's still a very hard job... to feed animals... Woman... is Man... of the planet... So everyone must avoid waste... Thank you to the Farmers... of all generations. ..

despite the machines it's still work, juggling the weather and everything else... and I salute you loud and clear because without you ...... in any case respect

I imagine the girl on a super 6 without a cabin with a sectional cutter bar. the shorts and the t-shirt would not be the same color

Hello great video and Perrine and full of good humor it's great and yes it's painful these drivers who put more turn signals you wait forever for nothing good continuation

Who said a young woman doesn't have a "calling"? This video is too short, too bad!!! It's nice to see that the succession is assured! To be a former student of agricultural high school (Toulouse - Auzeville) in agricultural baccalaureate ("STAV" currently and in my time it was called bac D'), I see the dazzling technological evolution of machines in one generation!
Congratulations again Perrine, keep making videos

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