Ford TW 15 GoPro

Ford TW 15 GoPro

Why does a diesel vehicle throw black smoke?
Black smoke nuisance is often seen in diesel vehicles. This situation is often seen due to user errors, not the mechanics of diesel vehicles. To briefly list the reasons for the black smoke problem experienced by drivers who usually switch from petrol to diesel vehicles:

1: Sudden Acceleration and Black Smoke Throwing at High Rpm: This type of black smoke problems may be related to excessive strain on the vehicle. The vehicle adjusts the air-fuel mixture with the responses it receives from the accelerator pedal. Sudden acceleration or black smoke of the car when the gas is pressed is a typical fuel combustion problem. Some of the excess fuel and air that is sent suddenly is expelled before it is completely burned, and this is revealed as black smoke.

2: Egr Malfunctions: In case of a malfunction that may develop in this part, black smoke emission increases and unstable operating situations can be seen in the vehicles.

3: Fuel System Malfunctions: Possible malfunctions in the fuel system parts of the vehicle such as pump elements and injections will reduce the fuel combustion quality of the vehicle. In this case, the loss of performance in the vehicle, misfire, idling deterioration, along with the smoke problem brings with it. Checking all fuel system parts can correct your problem.

4: Weather: Black smoke is more common on first starts in the morning, especially when the engine is cold. Cars emit black smoke more often during the winter months. The reason for this is related to both the weather and the vehicle. The vehicle sends the fuel mixture richer to the combustion chamber in order to regulate its idling in cold weather in the mornings. This may cause problems with black smoke by reducing the fuel combustion quality. If the problem is less in the winter or in hot weather, the problem may be caused by this.

5: Fuel Used: With the change of diesel fuel, namely the people's change, the problems of throwing smoke may increase in case of poor quality and some additives. It is recommended that you reevaluate the situation by changing where you buy fuel. If Diesel Engine Emits Black Smoke Be sure to have it checked.

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