ford county super six tractor pulling hard


county tractor pulling hard untill the front wheels go up in the air! Machinery Pete visits Rushville, OH to interview Ryan Young and learn the story behind the 1992 John Deere 4960 he and his dad Joe bought last year...with only 14 hours on it! The tractor had sat outside for 20 years and had trees growing up around it 35 to 40 years from now you won't be able to do this with a 2019 tractor. If you do it will cost a small fortune and make Einstein pull his hair out dealing with the unnecessary computer crap.

What a neat story. I have friend who picked up a 4455 2wd Power Shift from an auction. It had between 800-900 hours on it. Came out of Ohio too.....was owned by a guy that owned a Deere dealer and play farmed like 300 acres. It was stored inside its whole life and was breath taking. Perfect paint, interior, and no fading. I've been Deere tech my whole life and worked for him on the side. So when he told me he bought it and it was coming for a winter inspection I was looking for a pretty paint job buy me disaster. The inspection cost more than the petty couple of things it needed. We used it for the planter clinic hooked to his new 1770 planter and you couldn't tell which one was newer. It has the same sweet life now. Only plants corn and if needed a couple standby gravity wagons to dump on in harvest if the semi gets delaye

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