First Day of Harvest! 2023 Montana Wheat Farm


First Day of Harvest! 2023 Montana Wheat Farm

It's so exciting that today is the first day of our 2023 Montana Wheat Harvest! My Dad gives me the refresher course and turns me loose to harvest wheat in my John Deere combine. A special bonus: my friend from university Trevor is here to help with the harvest. Darcy is driving the semi-truck again this year. Uncle Chris is helping train the grain cart driver. It is extremely hot and dry here. We did get a lot of moisture this spring, which was a big relief. I am very grateful to be getting back my health and be on the farm for harvest. I hope you enjoy my video. Thank you for watching!

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My Story…
Hello. My name is Kate Stephens, and I am an 19-year-old 4th-generation Montana farmer. My family has been farming wheat in north-central Montana since my great-grandfather immigrated from Denmark in 1912 and homesteaded our land. My family has been teaching me about farming since I was two years old. I run one of the combines on the farm at harvest. I believe that it is important for everyone to know where their food comes from and the families who produce it. I love our farm, and I hope that my Farm to Fashion and Farm to Table products can help educate people about where their food comes from in a fun way. That is how Kate's Ag - Farm to Fashion became a reality. I hope you love my products as much as I do because this is an extension of our farm and the grains we have been growing to feed other families for over one hundred years.

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