firing TWO 50bmg out of a Shotgun at the same time


shoots 50 bmg out of an old sawed off double barrel Doomslayer: heavy breathing

Imagine giving your grandson a 100 year old historical weopon used in a war, museam quality, with the intentions of him doing some good with it, and he films a youtube video attempting to destroy it

I’ve had a few near-misses from ricochets just at proper shooting ranges alone.. I can’t help but be nervous watching you guys shoot against concrete walls at those short distances..

That setup for the 2 .50 at the same time was insanely dangerous. Using those bungee cords flipped the gun back towards them. Had the second shot not fired right away it could have been pointed back at them when it did go off. *Edit time stamp 8:20

being a concrete forming guy.. would love to know the backstory on why these foundations were poured but never built on

Cabron! LOL... This was excellent. Two guys with fun accents handling firearms in the least safe manner possible. Damn right Im gonna watch this!

I gotta say Richard was the inspiration that got me into home made weapons. It became a hobby that evolved from slamfire shotguns to open bolt submachine guns and with much success. That was the exciting part until you come under investigation. That's when it was time to close up shop.

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