Finally America's Tests The New Super A-10 Warthog Secretly After Upgrade


Finally America's Tests the New Super A-10 Warthog Secretly After Upgrade

The A-10 Thunderbolt II, or Warthog, is one of the coolest-looking planes ever made. And it performs flawlessly when it's time to work as well.
More recently, the anti-tank role has been filled by helicopter gunships, offering maneuverability and versatility, but none can match the firepower of the A10 Thunderbolt II, a purpose-built tank buster - affectionately named "Warthog"

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  • Tom H.

    Yeah USA test their machines to the innocent civilians when they invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia etc.

  • [email protected]

    Not survivable in a modern high-intensity anti-aircraft environment. That is why the AF has wanted to get rid of it.

  • Alfred Butler

    Seems is only the A.F. generals that have never had to have an aircraft save their butts on the ground that hate this best, purpose built, ever aircraft. The B-52 has been operational for decades past its life expectancy and there's no reason the A-10 can't be too.