Filling Bunker Silos | Corn Silage Harvest 2021

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I feel like I've seen you and your family go through the process to prep for silage so many times, that I could probably come out there and either do it myself or at the very least, be a considerable amount of help. ???? You're educating a lot people, Eric! It's awesome! Edit: To be honest, while I didn't live on a farm myself, I was an extremely active FFA member in an agriculturally heavy area. I worked a lot of summers driving tractors, cutting fields, baling, and more. I do LOVE the smell of silage for some reason though.Hey Eric,that smell you love so much is actually dedication, hard work , and most of all PRIDE!

I can't tell you enough how happy I am to see you and your family work together, makes me proud to be an American ????????????????

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