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B ) Figure :

Shape of wheat: Wheat grain is elongated or round, in round shapes and in different sizes depending on the variety. The grain is 3-5 millimeters in length or 5-8 millimeters, and its width is between 1.5-2.5 or 2.5-4 millimeters. It is as if the grain is divided into two by the slit called the abdominal line extending from the front of the grain. The back is a little humped. There is a Germ-Embryo at the lower end of the grain, and beards on the upper side. The grain shape varies according to the variety. Durum wheats are large and long, bread rolls are smaller and more rounded.


C) Grain Structure:

Structure of Wheat Grain, parts of wheat grain


The wheat grain is mainly divided into three parts.


Shell (Pericarp-Bran) It constitutes 12% of the average grain.

Germ (Embryo-small) It constitutes 3% of the average grain.

Grain (endosperm-floury part) It constitutes 85% of the average grain.

These three parts differ from each other in terms of structure and function:


a ) Crust (Pericarp-dandruff):

The shell is the protective layer that surrounds the grain from the outside. This part is in three layers from the outside to the inside. Below them is the Aleuron layer. The aleuron layer and the bark part are separated as bran during grinding.

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