Farmers protest Mediapark in Hilversum....

Farmers protest Mediapark in Hilversum....

The police are monitoring the action, including a helicopter.

The entrance to the Mediapark will be blocked because Agriculture Minister

Carola Schouten is a guest on the Zomergasten program on Sunday evening, according to a spokeswoman for FDF, Sieta van Keimpema.

She says that the board of Farmers Defense Force is not organizing this action, but is behind it.

“Farmers want to be seen that they do not agree with the feeding measure.

Schouten has thrown something over the fence and just went on vacation.

You don't see her anywhere.

And now she just sits down with Zomergasten for an hour. ”

Minister Schouten wants farmers to reduce the amount of protein in animal feed as of 1 September, because that would save a lot of nitrogen emissions.

The farmers have already taken action to get the livestock feed measure off the table.

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