Farmer's Farm Tiller Restoration Project // Rusty Old Plow Restoration Skills


Farmer's tiller restoration project // Skill to restore old rusty plow

# Farming machine recovery # Farmer's tiller restoration projec

Hi! In this video, we see a very old and rusty Plow, "cultivator", we bought it to repair but time does not allow us to completely restore and repair the "cultivator" plow". In this episode, we restore and repair an old D15 diesel engine that is no longer working. we have worked very hard to restore and repair this D15 diesel engine for many working days,we have fully restored this D15 diesel engine and working properly. I hope you find something useful from this video! I am very happy to receive your feedback, advice and suggestions to improve myself more and more!!! I apologize for the mistake if I did in this restore!!! Thank you for watching the video. Don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel. Link to subscribe to the channel

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