Farmer Gets Sweet, Sweet Parking Lot Revenge

Farmer Gets Sweet, Sweet Parking Lot Revenge

This farmer has had motorists parking on his property without permission and, despite repeating pleas for them to stop doing so, the drivers continue to use his land for parking.

The farmer obviously has had enough of these shenanigans and decided to take matters into this own hand.

The fed-up farmer decides to break out of the tractor and plow and sets about the trappings of the trespassers in their freshly-plowed earth.

The best case scenario for these drivers will be to navigate the heaps of soft dirt, possibly resulting in damage to their car.

Most likely they will need to help a tow truck to drag them through the freshly turned earth.

Well done, farmer. It's refreshing to see somebody stand up for these days, when such actions take place between a few and farther between.

It's doubtful drivers will make the mistake of using this land without permission again!

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