Farmall F20 Plowing


We found this 1938 F20 tractor in a barn where it had been sitting for 20 years. We just got it running in July. This will be next year's restoration project. -Schnot, That's a trash rake to prevent plugging. It just hooks to the plow with a chain the pipe runs in the furrow while the rake spins on the unplowed ground putting trash in the furrow to be covered on the next pass. It works well on corn stalks in fields with high plant population. You can stay sitting on the tractor seat instead of unpluging the plow. -the F20 series tractors were far better than the pre 2n/9n ford tractors and had some new features like the automatic turning brakes the last couple years they were made offered a high compression engine for gasoline only they had more power than the early ones on distillate fuel. they would pull 2 16s or 3 12s in most ground in 2nd gear and 2 14s with high speed mowboards in 3rd

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