Family Farming: Wheat Harvest in North Dakota


Thrashing wheat is a very special time of year. It brings back many memories of my mom and I running out tater tot hotdish to the field. The golden stubble fields in combination with the near yet far away rumble of combine harvesters makes for a great experience.

From the combine, to the truck, to the grain elevator we explore all that wheat harvest has to offer. Including some breakdowns...




Howdy and jak se máš! (Czech for "How are you?")

We're a sugar beet farmin’ family in the Red River Valley of North Dakota! Our farm specializes in growing sugar beets, hard red spring wheat, sunflowers, corn, soybeans, and various types of dry edible beans. The legacy currently consists of my dad, my uncle, my two older brothers, and I (Beet Farmin Mitch).

I am a 6th generation family farmer recently graduating with college degrees in both Agricultural Economics and Crop and Weed Sciences. Enjoy as I showcase our operations everyday work, grow as a young farmer, be a goofball, and walk out the most important thing to me. My love for King Jesus!

My hope is that you may be entertained and spurred on to grow in your passion and knowledge for all things agriculture!

Instagram: @beetfarminmitch

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