falling a bigger sugar pine

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This was a big timber sale in Strawberry Valley, California. A lot of sugar pine in this part of CA. This tree was barely over 100 years old. Fast growing stuff.


com:That was really well done!  Cut safety area, escape route, lined up well, able to pound it over...well done!!  I am sure these are answered in the comments, but with over 1000 of them, I figured asking might be faster.  You guys do 'Humbolt' cuts to save on board feet, is that accurate, (that is the type cut you made, I think)?  Is it any safer or less safe than conventional face cuts? Is there any difference in felling any of the pines in the NW, like this sugarpine vs doug fir or pondos?  I work with USFS and want to get my "B" Sawyer cert this year, and figured you may have some insight.

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