Extremely Dangerous Tractor Working


Self-driving vehicles, considered the transportation system of the future, are expected to make road traffic much safer than self-driving vehicles. Although it is known that autonomous vehicles without the human factor reduce the risk of accidents to a minimum, according to the latest research, it is not possible to prevent all accidents with driverless vehicle technology.


The U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has examined more than 5,000 accidents that require towing or emergency medical care. As a result of the research, it was revealed that at least one third of the accidents in traffic were caused by autonomous vehicles.


Speaking about the report, IIHS official Jessica Cicchino said that fully autonomous vehicles are likely to eventually detect hazards better than humans. The main point to note is that autonomous cars must have programs that will in no way conflict with safety and laws. This means that people cannot tell an autonomous car to go faster than the specified speed limit or make illegal maneuvers such as a U-turn.


Indicating that not only laws should be taken into account in the autonomous future, IIHS notes that autonomous systems should also take into account the driving strategies and road conditions exhibited by people. In short, if a self-driving vehicle misjudges the details that occur around it, undesirable consequences can arise.

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