Excavator Deep Ploughing


The new tine design has a very low traction resistance and enables a high working speed up to 12 km/h.
Ploughshares smoothly penetrate the soil and the soil is cultivated without mixing it with subsoil layer, so-called biologically inactive soil.
Possibility of lifting one row of the tines under heavy conditions such as marshes, headlands or when ploughing roads after harvest.
Two rows of tines provide a very good stability of the machine and precise depth guiding without the need to use tracing wheels. The high frame clearance of 750 mm provides excellent passability.

Deep loosening zone and mixing of plant residues. Loosening depth 30 - 50 cm. The special shape of loosening chisels provides excellent penetration into the densely packed soils with very low traction resistance. The chisels are in two rows. In extreme conditions, only one row of chisels can be used to reduce traction resistance.

Construction & Machinery
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