Epic 4K drone video of Amish children, 6 horses spreading liquid manure in Pennsylvania, USA.


Comments: - - Cool...see these horses looking at the drone....that's how boys become men without adult supervision! A shame...this farm is being swallowed up by the urban sprawl.....now people call in and complain it stinks! lol

If more of our city kids did this on the weekends or after school can you imagine what it would do for there work ethic and morals.

I see this all the time. I live in Amish country and most of my friends are Amish. They are wonderfu,l happy, hard working people. The children are happy, healthy and well adjusted. The children work hard everyday. They go to school untill eighth grade then the boys get a job, usually with the fathers and the girls help the mothers for a year or two then they get jobs either helping another family or in a store. Its not an easy life but I have never seen happier healthier children.

I dont get it, they use horses but to fill the tank up they use a tractor, why dont only use the traktor , more efficient, less fuel needed and less manpower^^ i know its the amish but the tractor s running anyway

I know what you are wondering and yes amish are so backwards they use tractors. However, they are forbidden to use them in the actual fields.
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