Driving a bulldozer over a car


Driving a junk Toyota Yaris car around dangerously, then driving over it with a bulldozer.

com: Congrats on 1M subs been loving the videos lately. One of the first videos I watched you do were putting in a septic field,  now your videos seem to be a cross between Whistling Diesel and Vice Grip Garage. Thanks so much for the great entertainment and knowledge we gain from each and every video. Yes I have wondered just how flat a car could get if you drove over it for 20 minutes with a bulldozer and now I know. Thank you brother

com:I have to say I was a bit uneasy to start with on this one! I thought, OMG, Andrew has a deathwish/anger management issues here, but then noticed the carefully positioned multiple camera angles and GoPro rigged inside the car. Credit to you for cleaning up so carefully afterwards too! I do worry for your canine assistant though, it makes me wince when speeding about with them loose. Anyhow, that was one flat Toyota in the end!


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