DeBruycker Charolais Bull Sale! World's Largest!!! 2022


DeBruycker Charolais Bull Sale! World's Largest 2022

In today's video, I am at the annual DeBruycker Charolais Bull Sale. There are over 700 bulls being sold today and this is the largest Charolais Bull sale in the world. Superior genetics, confirmation, and a fantastic family are the reasons this sale brings in buyers worldwide.

These bulls have wonderful dispositions and they are also very cute! It is a pleasure to see so many amazing bulls in one place. I interview long-time customers about why they come to this sale and what keeps them coming back. I also talk to the family and what they love about their bulls! Quality is essential in a large cattle operation and the Charolais bull crossed with a Black Angus or Red Angus produces a superior calf and better meat. As seen on Food Network DeBruycker's beef can be purchased and shipped too, so check out their website Thank you for watching my video!

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