Dad Plowing with 1941 John Deere Model B and 2 Bottom Trip Plow


In the 1940s, my grandfather petitioned the Nebraska War Board for permission to buy a new 1944 John Deere Model B; he had been supporting the family dairy farm with draft horses up until then. (Tractor purchases were limited due to the U.S. wanting to conserve rubber and iron in support of the war effort) My grandfather was given the approval to buy the Model B and my dad was able to start using the farm implements (that had been previously pulled by the horses) with the new tractor. Dad recalls how much easier it was to work with the tractor rather than the Belgium horses; no watering, feeding, putting on and taking off the horse equipment, no resting between rows (although my dad recalls my grandfather enjoying the stops at the ends of the rows and taking with a neighbor across the fence that was resting his horses too), etc...While I was watching my dad expertly back a wagon with a John Deere tractor way back in the 1970s, my grandfather once told me my dad was the best tractor driver he had ever seen. Although my dad had a career as an electrical engineer, he always enjoys driving these Model B tractors when the opportunity comes up.

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