Cycling Near Miss with a Tractor


A close pass by an overtaking tractor whilst on an organised bike ride. If felt a lot closer than it looks, and this was about 10 minutes after being hit/touched by the wing mirror of a taxi...

Comments: - - - So according to the description not quite as close as the aforementioned taxi! Maybe if you're holding traffic up you should pull over and let them pass safely?

Maybe not a near miss but much too close. I won't pass a cyclist within kinda 7ft. They might only be a foot or so wide upright but if they hit a pothole and end up laid out, well.

im waiting for the day when a cyclist with backed up traffic behind actually pulls over and lets them past.........i think i will be waiting a long time!!..

not really a near miss as above said.. he could have just slowed and given more room after the on coming car had passed though.

why cycle on that road? seems like you picked a bad place to enjoy a leisurely ride...

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