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Causes and Measures of Work Accidents


As we mentioned before, occupational accidents vary depending on the sector and the field of work. In a manufacturing factory, workers may be injured by machinery, while in a chemical production factory, there may be a risk of explosion or poisoning. If we consider the causes of work accidents in general, the first item that comes up is; equipment. Not using, forgetting or neglecting personal protective equipment is one of the main causes of accidents. For example, installing a baguette as soon as you enter the construction site is one of the most important precautions taken. Another cause of accidents is carelessness. A moment of distraction or lack of concentration can lead to major accidents. For example, the slightest distraction of the person standing in front of the machine in a manufacturing factory will cause serious health problems. If the worker feels a lack of attention while working, he should immediately report the situation to his manager. Late work can be done, but there is no compensation for the damage to life. Another cause of accidents is being irritable, sleepy, or sick. We know that in many workplaces and lines of business, being sick is a "luxury". So much so that it is sometimes even impossible to get permission without getting a report from the doctor or proving that you are really sick. The excessive intensity of the workplace can be at a level that cannot tolerate even diseases. Of course, this is not the case for the corona virus epidemic. Many lives were lost due to the corona virus pandemic, which scorched our country and the world. For this reason, even at the slightest symptom, we need to get support from the nearest health institution, not only to protect our own health, but also for our responsibility towards our environment and humanity. In the absence of the corona virus, it can be difficult to take time off from work, even with an ordinary cold. However, you must obtain this permission not only for yourself but also for other employees. You can infect another coworker with the common cold. Not to mention that the job is inefficient. Another reason is to be sleepy. One of the biggest problems in workplaces that start working very early in the morning is insomnia. Not being able to wake up enough or still being too sleepy will lead to carelessness and thus accidents. In busy workplaces, there may be sleep problems caused by too many working hours and less resting hours. At this point, it would be the best option for both parties to reconsider the most appropriate working order with the manager instead of glossing over it. Did you know that the irregularity of the working environment is also a cause of accident? Working regularly not only prevents accidents, but also allows you to use your time well. In this way, the work does not accumulate and the stress is reduced by half. Keeping your work environment tidy at all times will pay off in many ways.


How to Reduce Occupational Accidents?


Now let's come to the methods of protection from work accidents, or in other words, the techniques to prevent work accidents. Of course, the first condition will be to improve what we have mentioned above. In a working order where a certain order is established, working hours are determined in humane conditions and employee health is prioritized, the risk of accidents will be low. Let's talk about it in general... Let's talk about a few of the measures taken to prevent work accidents.


1 - To provide a safe working environment


One of the first answers to the question of what is the most important thing to prevent occupational accidents is undoubtedly safety. One of the most effective ways to prevent work accidents is to ensure safety. Security is ensured by the work to be done to create a safe environment. First of all, places that are seen as unsafe in the workplace should be determined and working conditions should be made suitable. If these problems are eliminated, "safety", which is the biggest accident prevention method, will be ensured.


2 - Warnings and signs save lives


One of the most effective ways to protect workers or customers who come to your workplace is to post warnings. Signs and warning signs play an effective role in preventing accidents. For example, if the area where the forklift is working is indicated by a forklift line or a warning sign, pedestrians will be safe. Likewise, the same applies to the forklift operator. A field worker who suddenly appears in the warehouse area can cause various accidents. However, if the work area is marked with a warning sign or sign, accidents will also be significantly prevented.


3 - Safety instructions must be followed


All information about which machine is used, how it is used, what it is used for, and the points to be considered should be given. If the operating manuals of the machines are read carefully, accidents can also be avoided. In order to prevent work accidents, a short training can be given about the function, use and safety of the machine. This training is not a waste of time but a significant health gain. Having detailed information about the machine will significantly reduce possible accidents.


4 - Equipment control is very important


This means… Whether you have enough equipment or not.

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