Crazy Cold Start Diesel Engines and Sound l Diesel Smoke Peterbilt !


This video features ACrazy Cold Start Diesel Engines and Sound. If you wanna see some Diesel Smoke Peterbilt Engines watch this video and if you like the video hit the like button and 

it was aimed to determine various parameters of tractor use in agricultural production in Şanlıurfa province and the tendency of the farmers in the region towards tractor use by analyzing the collected data and obtaining generalizable results. In this context, an information gathering form was prepared to determine the technical and economic characteristics of tractors in the second-hand tractor market.

The 450 information gathering forms were filled in face to face with the tractor dealers in the province, the dealer (broker) trading tractors and the vendors in the tractor market. The collected data were analyzed with the help of different statistical analysis programs.

According to the results, the average rated engine power for tractors in the second hand market was determined as 57 kW. In addition, the average annual usage time of tractors in the second-hand market has been determined as 432.8 h, and other operating parameters related to the use of tractors include age, rated engine power, engine, gearbox, hydraulic system, cabin/hood and tires, and average annual usage. duration, estimated selling price, depreciation characteristics, etc. parameters were determined for tractors and the obtained data were evaluated by multiple regression analysis and the results were

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