Classic John Deeres (x5) ploughing with 37 furrows | 4055, 4255, 4455, 4755, 4955


A clip from the Project 55 DVD - 5x classic Waterloo-built 55-series John Deere tractors all working with Dowdeswell ploughs.

-John Deere 4055 and 5f Dowdeswell DP7
-John Deere 4255 and 6f Dowdeswell DP6
-John Deere 4455 and 7f Dowdeswell DP2
-John Deere 4755 and 9f Dowdeswell DP2
-John Deere 4955 and 10f Dowdeswell DP2

Project 55 tells the amazing story of how the full set of John Deere 55-series tractors (4055, 4255, 4455, 4755, 4955) were gathered together and used for a year on a Suffolk farm mostly matched with period implements. Action packed with some epic scenes of modern classic power at work.
Click here for more info: http://anglianagrimedia.co.uk/p55.html

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