CATERPILLAR D8N + Deep Ploughing


Caterpillar D8N, produced in the USA by the American giant Caterpillar Incorporated in 2005. This giant is powered by a generous 13.6-liter CAT engine, which delivers a maximum power of 285 hp. But in these machines it is not the horses that make the difference, but rather the weight of the machine itself that makes the difference, because with a 4-roller triangular track it can unload over 300 quintals of weight on the ground. It's incredible!!! The plow is a single share Sogema burglary, which in the video reaches a depth of 1.10 meters. The plot previously cultivated with alfalfa, which we are going to break down will have an extension of 2 ha. There is nothing else to add, and with this video I want to thank Andrea, and the driver who I don't know his name but I thank him anyway, and I also thank my friend Paolo, for coming with me that day to admire this spaceship at work !!! I recommend you admire the symphonic sound of the iron tracks of this machine and I can only wish you a warm good vision

Construction & Machinery
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