Caterpillar D5B SA VHP, D6D SA VHP and D8H 22A ploughing | Dowdeswell DP1 | 26 furrows | Classic Cat


Ploughing with three classic steel track Caterpillar crawlers, all working with Dowdeswell ploughs, with a combined 646hp pulling 26 furrows. Featuring a Caterpillar D5B SA VHP and 7f Dowdeswell DP1 HD, Caterpillar D6D SA VHP and 9f Dowdeswell DP2 and Caterpillar D8H 22A and 10f Dowdeswell DP2.
This fantastic sight of multiple Cats working together is one of the highlights of Part 2 of our Project 20 DVD series, to find out more please click here: http://www.anglianagrimedia.co.uk/p20.html

Construction & Machinery
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