Case IH Steiger Quadtrac vs John Deere 9RX


If both are in the same field, might as well hook them up!


com:I've ran deere and cases. Both with tracks. The case is so much nicer to spend a day in then in a deere, the deere chews through diesel and def as well but the case quite efficient. Bette

- There’s a massive soy bean plantation property not far from where my father in-law lives, it’s a father and son operation (worth millions apparently) they have a sprint car racing team, all the latest Deere gear, a late model D8T dozer, just about every Massey Ferguson wheel tractor ever built (and that’s no exaggeration) new Chevy silverados as company cars, 2 mansion houses on the property etc, list goes on!! Anyway in their fleet that have the 570horse 9rx with all the goodies and it’s a beast! They both say the 570 as it is, is more than what you need, the 620 is nearly 100k more expensive for the sake of extra 50hp and a Cummins badge.

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