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Recent research from the Kondinin Group has revealed approximately 7% of our nation’s harvesters will likely start a fire this year. And, of these fires, one in ten will severely damage both machine and crop.

But we humans are not at the whim of statistics. The old cliche is true: knowledge is power. And, with the right research and resources at your disposal, you can keep your crops and machines safe.

Harvester fires: the two main causes

According to Craig Ruchs of the Grain Research and Development Corporation,

“machinery failure is in many cases responsible for fires starting so it is critical that all growers undertake scheduled harvester operation checks and regular maintenance leading up to and throughout harvest in an effort to reduce the risk of fire.”

It’s not only an issue of harvester care and maintenance. Certain crop types are just more susceptible to fire. Lentils and pulses being a prime example.

Fires don’t need a lot to get started. All it takes is the right combination of fuel, heat and oxygen.


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