Building a trail trimming trailer


Building a trailer with blades on it for trimming branchs on road sides, then towing it with a UTV down trails.

What is the grip ? : Clutches are machine elements that octoberate the transmission of force and movement by connecting shafts on the same axis in a tight, movable, flexible or solvable way to each other, connecting the shafts.


Places where clutches are used

Stopping the other shaft at any time without stopping the motor shaft, rotating it by means of clutch couplings. the most commonly used areas of clutches are the stopping and gripping of the rear wheel movements by means of the clutch in vehicles.


Pedal control of a clutch clutch used in motor vehicles. This clutch is a clutch that is normally connected by spring force. The driver performs the decoding by pressing the pedal. Here, hydraulic cylinders were used to reduce the pedal force


To interrupt the flow of energy until it is rotated by an appropriate combination without stopping the spinner and changing the direction of rotation, or to change the direction of rotation. Such systems are generally called tornistan mechanisms.


Transmit motion to different parts of the system with a single rotating element (for example, a single diesel engine), disconnect it when desired. (For example, ladle cranes with rotating towers that can move)


where clutches are used:

It is important that the clutches work stably. In case of unstable operation, they disrupt the shaft ends. They work efficiently.


the places where the clutch is used are manual gears

The figure above shows the use of the clutch in the manual gear transmission system. Please watch the video below for more detailed explanation.


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