BIG BUD 16V-747 Tractor Chisel Plowing


In this video Big Tractor Power spends time in the field with the 1,100 hp BIG BUD 16V-747 Tractor working on fall tillage with an 80ft wide FRIGGSTAD D7-80 chisel plow . This video takes viewers out in a 3,000 acre Montana field so that they can see and hear this monster tractor at work. Viewers ride in tractor to see the operators perspective of plowing an acre a minute. The video shares the 16V-747's specifications, production history and original price tag. Watch for a Big Bud 440 tractor working side by side with the 16V-747 seeding 86ft of wheat with a MORRIS Contour Drill.

Check out the new 1/64th BIG BUD 747 model 

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