Barbed Wire Fence Repair with the Templeton’s

Barbed Wire Fence Repair with the Templeton’s

We took a road trip to meet Alex Templeton and her dad, Mark on their family farm in Polo, MO. We spent the day repairing an old fence line with the T3 Post Driver and the Python Wire Unroller.

Comments: - - Sorry, had to watch the video twice, first time all I saw was the "helper" doing all the work! WOW

Great to see innovative products put to use, by farmers concerned with keeping their livestock safe - vfs


Nice always better with the right tools! Great job. Danusers in my home town.


Call me John Henry I'd whoop that tractor setting post anyday and twice on Sundays


I built an extension for my T3 that puts it 2’ out past the tractor tire. Works great for t-posts


Another one of those farmers that fail to feed their cattle !!! Ive milked cows here for 35 years with the cows against the same fence (the fence was there for 20 years before I moved here ). They never pushed on the fence or reached through it ! And thats without an electric fence.

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