B-1 - Crew - Start Up - Departure - Arrival - RAF Fairford


Aston 01/02
Rockwell B-1 Lancer
RAF Fairford

com:My buddy and I attended the air show in Oshkosh Wisconsin on a regular basis. This particular show featured the B-1 bomber which flew level about two hundred feet above the airfield. When it got to the end of the runway it made a sharp climbing right turn and hit the after burners which were aimed directly at the crowd. The massive thundering sound wave of those engines at full throttle and after burners felt like my body was in the ring with a Heavy weight champ. The words that comes to mind are pummeled and battered by oceans of air hitting me almost at the speed of sound. I turned to face away from the blast and it threw me to the ground. IMPRESSIVE. My buddy, who has since passed away stood 6' 4" and was thrown to the ground almost instantly. We both agreed this was the best show we had ever attended.


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