Andrew didn’t Break it this time


Bush hog repairs,9320 heater hose replacement and 8120 broken wheel hub assembly .
com:Awesome video man. I think that you're right with the snap on duals, there's basically double the amount of torsional load on that keyway. I liked your hill climb with the tractor that thing sounds pretty mean. 

As for the keyboard warriors I noticed on some videos for example the broken axle shaft video, depending on the title and thumbnail it lures in people besides your regular loyal viewers. A lot of those people are the dinks that leave comments about being too rough on the equipment etc. If you click on their username it'll say how many comments they have left and most of those people talking crap have never commented before. Everybody's got an opinion but very rarely is anybody offering any good ideas or solutions lol. 

Take it easy man have a good weekend

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I carry the seeker 2 pro and or the warrior mini and SR1 Baton 2.

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