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Accident Occurrence Theories

Accident/Incident Theory

This theory is an extended version of the human factors theory. In addition; It reveals new elements such as ergonomic inadequacies, decision to make mistakes and system errors.


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Human Factor Theory

This theory attributes accidents to chains of events that ultimately result from human error. The theory includes three major factors that lead to human error: overload, inappropriate response, and out-of-place activities. In these theories, theories of accident causes are classified under three broad categories: accident-proneness theories, worker abilities versus job demand theories, and psychosocial theories.


The fact that accidents are caused by human errors is based on many factors. Undoubtedly, the worker's lack of education, unsuitability for the job, incompatibility, lack of education and knowledge, inexperience, fatigue, being excited or sad, absentmindedness, carelessness, apathy, disorder, lack of ability and diseases etc. reasons; or the fact that the worker did not comply with the rules despite everything is among the main reasons related to the human factor.


Single Factor Theory

Single Factor Theory; He asserts that the accident occurred as a result of a single cause. This single cause is recognizable and... More

This theory arises from the view that an accident occurs as the result of a single cause. If this single cause can be recognized and eliminated, the accident will not recur. This theory is generally not accepted by those with basic health and safety training.


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Energy Theory

Energy Theory; Accidents occur mostly during energy transfer. The greater the energy discharge, the greater the damage potential.

According to this theory, accidents occur mostly in energy transfer or during energy transfer. The rate of this energy release is important because the larger the energy release, the greater the damage potential. In the recognition of hazards, this concept is very limited and as such it resembles the single factor theory. Unlike the single factor theory, the energy discharge is important.


Accidents occur mostly during energy transfer. The greater the energy discharge, the greater the damage potential. This theory has limited the recognition of hazards.

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