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Wonderful, beautiful to watch so many goats together and fead, kept together, milked together. And good to watch man working with animals and with animals produced milk..... Amazing, awesome. Both animals and humans enjoy and live with each others.


Hi all ! Here is the progress! Very handy and time saving! Well done! That found skill and talent and deed. I really liked the video!


How long are these animals milked and what happens to them when the milk runs out? I know the dairy cows are used for nothing but ground beef and some other processed beef but I have never heard of grounded goat.


Isn't it hilarious how so many people in the comment section think this is so evil? So inhumane? When they benefit from commercial farming. If commercial farms would stop, they would starve. So maybe have a solution before biting the hand that feeds you?! In the old days most people lived on small farms and sustained themselves along with selling extra to markets. Today farms are in the minority... so if everyone wants food to eat, things need to be mass produced to sustain all the none farmers. Food doesn't just magically appear in stores. And these goats are treated very well. They have clean bedding, plenty of room, good food. They are not suffering. So if you wish to stop eating and die so that all animals can naturally roam on large green pastures, is that a sacrifice you're willing to make? Because there is no possible way in today's world, that enough food can be produced for humanity if it only comes from small family farms, unless an extremely large percentage of peo

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    Very nice to see goats management for milking cheese. Can I know economy of keeping them successful growing and income from them

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    Good :thumbsup:

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