Amazing Fastest Stone Splitting Technique


his video reminded me of the construction story of Solomon's Temple, all its stones crafted in the mountains; didn't even need a hammer to align when they sat on the temple

This procedure for manually splitting rocks is always worth seeing. Therefore, it was already and still used in Europe by the ancient Egyptians in the fifties of the last century to obtain grinding stones up to 3.0 m in diameter and 0.5 m thick directly from various rock quarries.

It's amazing to just learn how they built the REALLY big pyramid (and many more) and it involves NO quarrying, moving or lifting.....I've been working on it for years and when I finally heard of the method, I was surprised how easy it was

Splitting large pieces of granite is an incredible skill, the job is so physically demanding, why not save every step possible and eventually start picking up the wedges and bring the kit with you instead of the extra bending and walking. back and forth.

WOW just by seeing this I think that the Egyptians could do benzerleri things in their times. See the precise cuts could be made by humans.

I photographed a rock (not wood :)) out of MDF - it's a black stone with large geometric shaped fossils) being drilled and then split using 2 plumes and one drift per hole. Fascinating.

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