Allis Chalmers CA with The Roto Baler

Allis Chalmers CA with The Roto Baler

This video shows the use of the Allis-Chalmers Roto-Baler and the "CA" tractor powering it. 

com: Great video! Always enjoy watching a Roto Baler at work. Haven't had much of an opportunity to watch the tying cycle from the front. Does the twine arm dangle the cut twine in front of the incoming charge of hay to feed it into the chamber or is there something I'm not seeing. Also, do you use binder twine in those balers?

   com:Years, and years ago knew an old fellow who would hook up his roto baler pull it into the drive way and after he greased all the zerks and oiled all he could see he would take a gallon of used oil diesel fuel mix, crank the pto to operational speed and throw the fuel oil mix onto any and every moving part. I would never recommend being within 15 feet of a roto that was running but it worked for him. He baled thousands of bales every year and had good bales. I will always be amazed by the mechanical genius of this machine. So simple yet complex. I still marvel at how little fuel is need to churn out hay all day long. Thanks for bringing back memories.

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