Abandoned Ford 8n Tractor Sitting For 15 Years Will It Start?


Trying to get the old ford tractor running again 

com:Thank you Sir for posting this, what a great video!! My Dad had a '49 8N and we had it from 1977 until 2016.  As a kid I used to drive that tractor to keep the fields down as a chore. I actually hated driving it because it always had fuel issues, spark issues, etc. We were always fiddling with it to keep it running. You're right about not having the internet, you had to have a neighbor or a friend with knowledge. After a while of heartache it became routine and you knew what to do. It helped a lot when we converted Her to a 12 volt system, but we had to travel long distances for parts or order parts through tractor shops if we were lucky. It wasn't until my Dad got sick in 2014 that I found myself going back home a lot and running it with the mower deck just to keep the fields down. I actually fell in love with that tractor and hated it no more. All the little tricks and fixes that we used to do were all applied at one point or another. As a 50 year old man i'd still jump a little when i'd jump poles with the screw driver when the starter switch went bad (i hated when my Dad made me do that). Unfortunately we had to give Her up when my Mom sold the property after my Dad died. Thanks again for posting this video. It brought a tear of joy to my eyes and I'm sure my Dad was rooting for you from up above :)


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