50 Days of Harvest | We’re Done!

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We made it! 50 days, countless hours, so many gallons of diesel fuel...done with harvest. Thank you for being along for the ride! Stay tuned for harvest cleanup and shop projects.

COM: Tip of the hat to Grant who capped off the last 10 seconds of harvest by finally catching a rooster pheasant on video. Not easily done. Made this avid pheasant hunter very happy. I got so hooked on Laura Farms the last three months I drove through the Aurora, Nebraska area on my way back home to Texas from pheasant hunting in North Dakota. Congrats Laura and Grant for and entertaining and educational harvest! Can’t wait to hear your November vacation/travel plans that you teased a few videos ago.


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Some of our favorites:
https://yankum.com/laurafarms?afmc=laurafarms - use code laurafarms for 10% off your purchase!!
https://www.americaneagleacc.com/fueltrailers/ - for all your fuel trailer needs
https://www.titan-intl.com/ - where we got the tires for our tractor!

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