$2.7 Million Dollar Remote Controlled Tractor

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What a cool opportunity!! I love being able to check out new machines for myself and getting to share them with you is a bonus! What are your thoughts on this? Would you invest in one machine that could do it all? Operating it was unlike any other tractor I've ever driven. Comment your thoughts, I'd love to hear them!!

Check out Laura Farms clothing line here !! https://www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/laura-farms
Universal Motion Components, Innovating Pivot Irrigation Powertrain parts since 1978 https://www.umcproducts.com/en/
Chief Industries: A Nebraska-based, family owned company comprised of 7 diverse brands. https://chiefind.com/

Some of our favorites:
https://yankum.com/laurafarms?afmc=laurafarms - use code laurafarms for 10% off your purchase!!
https://www.americaneagleacc.com/fueltrailers/ - for all your fuel trailer needs
https://www.titan-intl.com/ - where we got the tires for our tractor!

Send me your favorite snacks!! Or stickers! Or letters!! Or things that are special to where you're from!! I love it all. :)
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