1950 Massey Harris Super 26 Combine


1950 Massey Harris Super 26 Combine owned by Fourney View Farms.

Tractor & Machinery
  • Charles Brashear

    Dad purchased a MH Super 26 back in the early 60's, after our JD 45 caught on fire and burned all the wiring. Didn't miss a day of custom combining soybeans. The old girl worked fine, except one 4th of July Dad opened a wheat field, went to the elevator to check moisture. When return parked the truck on the last pass through the field. The next round the truck was in the way. Dad pulled back the rachet variable speed lever while leaving the Super 26 in gear. When in the truck he heard the governor open and her the old girl comes and catches the truck bed with the header taking out the wooden reel panels. The air was blue when I came home from a picnic with my best girl/wife to be. Good memories!